Medieval Village surrounded by the Alpes
Harmony Chapel
Post apocalyptic city in desert
Stone Castle
Back in time
Deep in the Jungle
Ross Island Antarctica
Home of Adélie and Emperor Penguins
Rossisland is a volcanic island in the Ross Sea of ​​Antarctica. It was the starting point for several expeditions to the Antarctic and it is still have a huge importance. We realized the island in 3D for a film, together with your residents. Primarily the Adelie and Emperor penguins
VR Air Hockey
Enjoy the play in a virtual PUB
We developed a VR version of Air Hockey which is now playable in this virtual PUB. The target platform is the Oculus Quest, so there is almost no limit for enjoying this game. When entering the room you have the possibility to just step up to the AirHockey Table using a dynamic teleport system. This makes an UI appear where you can start a singleplayer (against AI) or multiplayer game. For the purpose of making multiplayer possible, there is a big screen on the wall were you can select and join a server.
Inspired By Iceland
Stark cliffs to rich flora
Navy Outfit HTML5 Learning-Application
This application was developed as a learning resource to be used through browsers, based on HTML5, without the need of downloading a separate software. Outfits can be configured, the soldier can be rotated °360 and every component of the outfit can be hovered to see its name and article number. In case an outfit component is overed by others, the covering components are automatically hidden on hover to have a clear view onto the hovered component


Emperor Penguin
Ultimative Gladiator
Jill Johnson
Mech Soldier
Young Farmhand
Longhair Fighter
Silent Maid
Adelié Penguin
Survivar Max


Oculus Go Controller
Sci-Fi Drone
Dunga Sword
Stylized Well
Abandoned Bed
Stylized Furniture
Apocalyptic Caravan
Stylized Kimberlite Stone
Stylized Valerian
Rust Axe