I’m not only offering my work based on specific customer requests. 
On various marketplaces, like the Unreal Engine 4 Marketplace, I’m offering asset a various kind of assets and models. 

Below you can find all the products, make sure you check them out and leave us feedback in case you already own one of them 🙂

Survival Asset pack

The included assets are designed to get you started with your survival game. It contains everything you need to be well prepared for your level design.
I know the pain of using badly prepared assets, and thats why this package also includes 7 Blueprints to improve the usage of our assets. Enable/disable particle effects and lights with one click, so you have more time for the more important things. 

Apocalyptic Props Pack

This asset pack contains over 50 realistic props, that are perfect for apocalyptic or survival games. The models are well made and optimized and are just waiting to be used!

John – rigged to UE4 Skeleton

Low-Poly Male Character perfectly ready for your game.

The Character is rigged to the Unreal Engine Skeleton so you have access to all the finished and prepared animations of UE4. Additonaly you can choose between 9 clothing combinations.

Modular Bunker

This Modular Bunker Pack contains 44 high-quality meshes and it is perfectly prepared for your level design. The included Blueprints that allows you to Enable/Disable the emissive of the lights and control its intensity and color help you additionally to save time, so you have more time for the more important things. The different floor and Wall textures bring variety and diversity into your game.