Level Design

Level design is one of the core parts when making a game. No matter how cool the idea behind a game is, without great levels the game wont be fun in the end. We therefore do indoor as well as outdoor levels to make your game a success!


Day/Night System

Dynamic day- and night systems are especially interesting for open world games. They make your game feel alive and more real. I can build them linked to in-game times or real-time to make your game super dynamic!

Level Composition

The bigger your game’s maps are getting the more powerful hardware is needed to play them. Thanks to level compositing we are able to split up big levels into chunks and load/unload them on runtime to keep a good performance


Has the player found a hidden chest? Or encountered one of the big boss enemies? Then you need a cinematic sequence to make this experience unique to him!


Modelling & Texturing

Whether it is a business man or a ninja-turtle. I can create every kind of character you need with high quality and professional texturing.


I'm able to give your game characters a proper rigging, no matter if it is a normal human or something like Quasimodo.

Your character has a pony-tail? A bag which should be animated? No problem, I can prepare all this for getting animated or simulated by physics.

Ready for Unreal Engine

I'm able to provide properly rigged human characters, so they are usable inside the Unreal Engine 4 with all marketplace animations, without the need for retargeting!
When creating custom models, I' m not only providing a fbx-file. I also do the proper material setup inside the Unreal Engine to give you the needed render result.
Wanna do a simulated cloth, like a hero cape or a skirt? Then I can provide models with a properly set up clothing simulation, so your game stands out with a maximum of dynamic


3D Props

I create all the assets you need at the highest level of quality and still keep the polycount as low as possible.

For the texturing process I am using various professional tools to give you the best possible result based on PBR materials.